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What a Wonderful World

The rain kept falling.. Huge fat spheres of watery dirt that until recently had been streaking through the sky reached the climax of their journey with a muffled plop. Kevin yelped a little but his profanity was muffled by the … Continue reading

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The Rounds

You have no idea how much I fucking hate milk.  It’s filthy, tasteless and the wrong colour for starters.  God knows how many crates I load every week.  My work has me starting at 4am, loading the float for the … Continue reading

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Right of Reply

Hello, I’m your television- staring out from eyes of academics, chefs, cross-dressers, forgotten men, remembered women; I’ve been animated watching faces thought secret- laughter, tears, wrapped rapt, snoring bored, loving one another, red with anger screaming at the screen. The … Continue reading

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Railway Robin

Perched perky atop a grimy conduit, Out of reach across the lines, Warbling a train’s approach he ruffles, Puffs, then hefting cloudbound, chirrups Laughter at my leaden feet. He goes up and I go underground, Where rats from the suicide … Continue reading

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Streaking on and down, piercing rare air and ozone, gaining pace and chill, awaiting Impact. Earthworms flinch, dog walkers run for cover, choral grass blades unison hiss. Cracked red faces curl a lip as red-plastic boots stamp oxbows to peals … Continue reading

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Richard Littlefish and the Pet Shop Brigade

Richard Littlejohn has at last admitted that he’s a goldfish. I can’t believe nobody saw it coming.  The signs were all there. Orange, scaly flesh? Check. Dead-eyed gaze? Checksville. Notoriously short memory? Checkerama. Stringy turds dangling along in his wake?  Probably. … Continue reading

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When i was five my hair stuck up in places it no longer does. Am i old yet? Do i dare to sit and stare from white windows out at busy roads? Will i disinfect airless rooms, keeping only two … Continue reading

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