When i was five
my hair stuck up
in places it no longer does.

Am i old yet?
Do i dare
to sit and stare

from white windows
out at busy roads?
Will i disinfect

airless rooms,
keeping only two knives
and two metal forks

in a rattly old drawer,
and be the only one
who ever uses them?


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15 Responses to residential

  1. Ji says:

    amazing memories,
    you captured the emotions vividly.

    • mudwords says:

      Thanks. It was inspired by a visit I made to my grandmother’s care home. The room was so spartan and clean. Sunny yet sterile.
      And the cutlery was just thrown into the bare drawer – one of those odd things that really stick in your mind.

  2. I enjoyed this. It’s funny the thing we think about as we get older. I don’t think we ponder being alone as much as when we are.

  3. wordwand says:

    lovely poetry in this blog, happy to discover your blog.

  4. brian says:

    and be the only one who ever uses them…i hope not….

  5. moondustwriter says:

    A lonely existence.
    Nicely done

  6. oinky says:

    simple story with simple words 😉 i like it

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  8. Ji says:

    thank you for the wonderful participation,
    please visit and comment for 12 blogs in my participants list!

    have fun!
    let me know after you are done!

    • mudwords says:

      Thanks, I really appreciate it. This is a pretty old poem and i’ve always been a bit wary of showing anybody anything i’ve written. I’m glad you like it!

  9. megzone says:

    aaww…that was cute..
    opening lines were simply sweeett…

    I’m here from Jingle’s rally
    you can check my poem at

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