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Life Size (nsfw?)

‘Oi Kev, pass us the salt.’ ‘You what?’ ‘Pass us the salt.’ ‘It’s pass us the salt please, you fucking animal.’ Gary Wilde laughed and his face seemed to inflate. He shook his head and it set his jowly features … Continue reading

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It’s always worse in the late afternoon.  I don’t know why, God knows I don’t.  I’ll be sitting in the old armchair – you know, the one with the wing-back I’m always going on about.  Anyway, I’ll be sitting looking … Continue reading

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Goodbye Shoes

Goodbye trainers, I say to the bin where they lay on top of all the other rubbish. The springy suede has worn away to nothing, and the once-fat laces are frayed in places. Crusted patch of vomit on the toe … Continue reading

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Weatherman (freewrite)

I thought they said the sun would shine today. Why do they even bother? The sun didn’t shine, the crowds didn’t come to the park, and there are easter eggs going soggy in the bushes. I’ve got a raincoat, but … Continue reading

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