Goodbye Shoes

Goodbye trainers, I say
to the bin
where they lay on top
of all the other rubbish.

The springy suede has worn
away to nothing,
and the once-fat laces
are frayed in places.

Crusted patch of vomit
on the toe
of the left, memento
of a long ago party.

Goodbye shoes, I say
again, remembering
the field. We all sat in
cider and sunshine-

later chewing gum, from freezing
on the steps
where we first held hands
and shared a red Marlboro.

Those fags nauseate me now
and I can’t drink
vodka again, I get so sick
at the thought of it.

Goodbye shoes, I close
the bin lid, blocking
the vegetable smell.
Where will these new shoes carry me?
What stories will they tell?


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17 Responses to Goodbye Shoes

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  2. BFG says:

    a very forthright reflection piece. Thanks!

    At first, it reminded me of a Deer Tick song called, These Old Shoes

  3. moondustwriter says:

    Those shoes sounded like they lived through college days.

    Nicely done. It’s true our shoes see so much and take us on our way. They deserve a proper good bye

    Happy Thursday Poets Rally

  4. suzicate says:

    Yes, those shoes do sound like they hung out on a college campus somewhere…boy the tales my shoes of the old days could tell1 Like the lightheartedness of this poem.

  5. anthonynorth says:

    An original take. quite a pair of shoes.

  6. mairmusic says:

    Fun nostalgia & whimsy– nicely done!

  7. shakira says:

    Okie dokie, I am not from the West.
    I get it … that you were a smoker and was a drinker…
    younger days?
    very fine lines and great tribute to your old sneakers.
    I hope your new shoes will support you better.
    you may visit me here

  8. Ji says:

    I know you may have noticed it,
    in case you need anything from there,
    please feel free to take them.
    Happy mother’s Day to moms in your family!

  9. Great poem! I love the last stanza!

  10. viddhi says:

    beautiful and nostalgic …. good work .. !

  11. trisha says:

    i too feel a little nostalgic when i lose or have to throw away things which have been with me for years.

    lovely poem.

  12. I love the first and last verse. They open and close the poem perfectly well respectively. Beautiful write up…cheers!!!

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  14. Ahhh, oldies but goodies had to part wtih your feet sometimes. Sad — but a new pair will take you to even better places, with no ciggys, vodka or puke! πŸ™‚

  15. ishabelle says:

    hehehhe… this poem left me thinking back to good old days… πŸ™‚

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