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Hello brown-eyes. Raise a corner of that pretty mouth. Raise a glass to the corner of that pretty mouth. Hello blue-eyes, brush of errant lock curling from beaded flushing forehead to that pretty mouth. Hello green-eyes, blue-blown bitter brow uptilted, … Continue reading

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A dog said hello to me today- I replied with best manners, although I find the canine tongue tough to approximate. He said he wanted bones. I said i’d get them. Returning bearing armfuls of marrow, shattered ivory ripped from … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap

Russet pipes and rustflower phantom brushes, still here – Swiped footprints on sooty tiles. Dark enamel pipework, shrouded After still years Measured out in lack of use. A whistle blows. everywheretheroartherushoffeetandshoesthensilence. This place was untouched By lunching masses citybound Oblivious; … Continue reading

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She is an octopus, waving tentacles; an uncertain body whose blind eyes are river water reflecting smoke and grey sky, whose muscle pumps red amber green, her juices busy and intermingled around the glassy centre. Never tiring, she shines all … Continue reading

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Vine Eyes

There it is! A twining leafy piece of happy tenement. Budding new growth, baked by sun now battened down in cool dark air; a dozing reach of stem, blooming closed flowers frilly tips held in tight gloss green, the fierce … Continue reading

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Goodbye Shoes

Goodbye trainers, I say to the bin where they lay on top of all the other rubbish. The springy suede has worn away to nothing, and the once-fat laces are frayed in places. Crusted patch of vomit on the toe … Continue reading

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Right of Reply

Hello, I’m your television- staring out from eyes of academics, chefs, cross-dressers, forgotten men, remembered women; I’ve been animated watching faces thought secret- laughter, tears, wrapped rapt, snoring bored, loving one another, red with anger screaming at the screen. The … Continue reading

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